I am Khalil Hasan

Hi, I am Khalil Hasan.

As a child I have always been an Architect at Heart. For me the best part of playing with the toys was building the toy cities. I would finish the Master Piece... quickly lose interest until it was time to build again. It was the challenge of taking an idea and using the resources I have available to me and making something great that made me feel alive. My Passion to Build has never left me!

As a child I was always been intrigued by Growth. My Father is a Gardener and to this day, he still has a Garden. I took hold to the idea that you have to plant seeds in order to receive anything in return.

Throughout my entire childhood to this present moment in my life, Hard Work was and still is that Seed. I love the feeling of knowing that my Efforts and Sacrifices will bring about my Growth in Life. Now as an Adult I look at Life based on the Principles of Seed, Sow and Harvest. Everything is without a doubt the Manifestation of a Seed Planted. My Passion for Growth has never left me!

I have taken my Life Passions and decided to help others with my Service! Every Blog Post and Information I share with you will be Positive and Uplifting.

"If you want to eat in a year... Grow Grain. I you want to eat in Ten years... Grow Trees. If you want to eat for a Lifetime... Grow People!"

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